Upcoming World Poker Tournaments

Of all of the traditional casino games, poker is the one with most enriched history as far as inclusive competition is concerned. Whether it be through the games extensive glamorisation in the media, or the fact that advertising for the hundreds of thousands of competitions and knock-outs taking place in the game each year is rampant, most people would regard poker the most famous gambling format of them all.

World Poker Tournaments

The popularity poker enjoys today is undoubtedly a direct result, at least in part, to the competition culture it has bred over the course of the last century. From an edgy pass time enjoyed by groups of friends on a weekend, to a multi-million dollar enterprise for the very best players, poker is the closest thing to a sport that gaming has to offer.

Competitions run all year round and all over the world. Some to look out for before 2015 burns out are as follows:


The Asian Poker Tour (APT) has steadily built itself a reputation as one of the most lucrative poker competitions in the world over the last decade or so. It is no secret that the cream of the Asian gaming crop is on par with the high rollers the US and Europe has to offer – and so this meeting of minds, set to take place in the Philippines’ capital Manila between September 29th and October 7th will be one for the history books.


There’s very little chance that anyone is successfully arguing the momentousness of the World Series of Poker anytime soon. The world touring leviathan of the game (no, sport) swings by the German capital between October 8th and October 24th.