5 Reasons Why You Need To Switch to Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos have made a tremendous headway into the world of online gaming and gambling. With every major online casino making sure that they have addressed this issue in a variety of interesting ways, it becomes necessary to assess why it is important for online gamblers to switch to mobile casinos, if they haven’t already.

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a.       Exciting ‘Mobile Only’ Bonuses

It has become a sort of standard procedure among online casinos to offer mobile specific bonuses to online gamers and gamblers. These bonuses are often above and beyond the ones offered on regular websites. So, it makes a lot of sense to grab such opportunities by switching to mobile casinos.

b.      Convenient as you like

Switching to a mobile casino will definitely make it more convenient for you to play a game of poker here and turn a wheel of fortune there as and when you like. You can access online casinos with just a tap on your mobile or tablet screen!

c.       Apps make it even easier

With the availability of casino specific and dedicated native apps for all major operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry etc.), you don’t even have to open the mobile browser to access your favourite online casinos!

d.      Interactive Features

Mobile casinos have a definitive edge over computer based casinos in that they offer many interactive features, for example, touch recognition, shake to turn the wheel etc.

e.      Unfettered Access

You can access mobile casinos over various platforms and devices. It just doesn’t matter if you have an iPad or an Android phone, you can seamlessly carry on with the games in real-time.

Upcoming World Poker Tournaments

Of all of the traditional casino games, poker is the one with most enriched history as far as inclusive competition is concerned. Whether it be through the games extensive glamorisation in the media, or the fact that advertising for the hundreds of thousands of competitions and knock-outs taking place in the game each year is rampant, most people would regard poker the most famous gambling format of them all.

World Poker Tournaments

The popularity poker enjoys today is undoubtedly a direct result, at least in part, to the competition culture it has bred over the course of the last century. From an edgy pass time enjoyed by groups of friends on a weekend, to a multi-million dollar enterprise for the very best players, poker is the closest thing to a sport that gaming has to offer.

Competitions run all year round and all over the world. Some to look out for before 2015 burns out are as follows:


The Asian Poker Tour (APT) has steadily built itself a reputation as one of the most lucrative poker competitions in the world over the last decade or so. It is no secret that the cream of the Asian gaming crop is on par with the high rollers the US and Europe has to offer – and so this meeting of minds, set to take place in the Philippines’ capital Manila between September 29th and October 7th will be one for the history books.


There’s very little chance that anyone is successfully arguing the momentousness of the World Series of Poker anytime soon. The world touring leviathan of the game (no, sport) swings by the German capital between October 8th and October 24th.

The Mobile Casino Goldmine May Not Involve Gambling

goldmine gaming in gamblingAt any given time, millions of people in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom are getting lost on their smartphones and tablet computers, frantically tapping on the screen and chasing after some kind of prize. Quite a few of these players visit online casinos, either from apps or via their mobile Internet browsers.

Why Mobile Casinos Should Emulate Mobile Games

Mobile casinos, for the most part, tend to offer an approximation of Internet casinos that can be accessed from desktop browsers. In turn, these Internet casinos seek to bring the traditional, brick-and-mortar casino experience to computer users. This is known as skeuomorphism, which is a principle of user interface design.

With skeuomorphism, casino software developers try to design objects that resemble their real-life counterparts. For example, an Internet roulette table is green and invariably features a wheel with red and black notches that correspond to bets. A mobile casino developer will try to approximate, within a smartphone or tablet environment, what he or she has seen from online casinos, thereby creating a cycle of skeuomorphism.

The mobile casino industry is paying very close attention to what is happening in the mobile entertainment sector, whereby millions of people are paying real money to not win anything tangible. For example, an Android app called Big Fish Casino is available in the United States, and it is not a casino at all since online gambling is illegal there. However, casino operators are surprised at how much money Americans are spending on this game.

Some mobile casino developers are already seeking partnerships with third-party firms to get away from skeuomorphism and create themes that gamblers can identify with. A major developer in London, for example, is introducing games with beach and romance themes, and they do not resemble traditional casino games at all.

Odds in Blackjack

Changing the Odds in Blackjack: Card Counting


It was surprising to read about a famous celebrity such as Ben Affleck choosing to count cards at a blackjack table. We would assume that someone like Affleck was more suited to playing poker. That is a game where his charisma, natural charm and lavish lifestyle would help him fit in with other high end players. However, he was recently tossed out of a casino for card counting while playing blackjack. What is card counting? How does it benefit players who are looking to get rich from gambling? Here are some details.Blackjack Card Counting

How Do You Card Count?

The science behind card counting is very simple. Even if you are playing with multiple decks, it is possible to vaguely predict the type of cards that will be dealt in the next few hands. For example, if the dealer has been churning out a lot of low numbered cards, logic dictates that more face cards will follow in the next few rounds.

Counting every card that has been played is very difficult, especially if three or four decks are involved in the game. As an alternative, players will try to keep track of how many high and low cards have been dealt. This is a typical card counting point system:

  • Numbered cards less than 7 are assigned one point.
  • High valued cards above 9 are given -1 points.
  • Cards in between those figures are 0 points.


This system allows a card counter to keep track of the score at all times, providing they are watching each card diligently. Now let us assume that a blackjack game has reached its tenth or eleventh hand. If the card counting points total is 4 or 5, that means a lot of low valued cards have already been dealt. This indicates to the player that high value cards will follow, which helps them determine their hit or stay strategy.

For more information on this story, click here.


Winning In Blackjack: Skill or Luck?


BlackjackIf you visit casinos frequently, you’ll know that blackjack is among the most popular card games played across the world. Winning in the game is never easy, and even if you do win, there’s a chance that it’s not solely because of luck. Experts suggest that the outcome of a blackjack game depends on a mix of skill and probability.


Get better insight of the game

To win in the game, it is vital that you know how to handle your cards, and it is also important to have the right cards dealt to you. There are times when a newcomer without basic strategic knowledge seems to do much better in the game than a regular player. So what are the main factors, in addition to memory skills and hard work that determine your probability of winning the game?


Number of players

If you play with a large group of players, the cards dealt to you will be more random compared to when playing in a small group. That’s because of the constant shuffling and the separation between any two cards that you receive. This element significantly reduces the betting factor.


Number of decks used

If a higher number of decks are used in the game, there will be more high valued cards in the game. The probability of you getting a high value card will drop as the game progresses, but the initial dealings of the game will boost your chances of winning at a later stage.


Value of cards remaining in the deck

If the deck is predominantly left with low value card, your odds of winning the game will get lower. If the cards range between Tens and Kings, you have a higher chance of winning the game.


Although you can’t control the above factors, it is possible for you to be prepared and ensure that you follow the blackjack etiquette. As the age-old saying goes, “Chance favours the prepared mind.” If you develop excellent computational and observational capabilities for the game, it will be easy for you to win with even a little bit of luck.


Blackjack Terminology Explained

If you’re interested in the game of Blackjack, but not sure how the cards are dealt or how to make the different bets, you’ll be pleased to know that Casino UK has released an infographic that sums up, in just a few minutes, everything a player needs to know about the game.

Have a look at Casino UK’s “The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack – Terms and Hand Signals”  infographic ,and keep it close when playing Blackjack, just in case you need to refresh your memory now and then 🙂

Blackjack infographic by Casino UK

Finally, there’s a means to learn the game of Blackjack in the simplest and most effortless way. This is convenience at its best. Remember, Casino UK offers a wide range of blackjack games for every player.