Game Account Network to Go Mobile

Going MobileMobile gaming has spread across the globe and is now an increasingly popular gaming platform. An entertaining way to kill time while waiting in a queue or on the commute, it isn’t odd to see people engaged on mobile devices playing games on the street or waiting for friends in cafés.


Fun and easy gaming

Advancements in technology have made deposits and transactions made from mobile devices safe and secure. Plus, they ensure that winnings earned from gaming portals are efficiently credited to and from player accounts. This makes playing real money games all the more convenient and readily accessible from anywhere and at any time.

The approach to online gaming has been transformed to a stage where players can enjoy uninterrupted access to their favourite games, especially when on a winning streak. You can now continue winning at your game of blackjack, even if you have to leave the house. As Smartphones and portable tablet devices grow more affordable, players delight in the ease and convenient access to favourite casino games.


Gaming for the best

Several gaming software providers have made patrons incredibly happy by releasing mobile downloadable versions of popular web based casino games. GameAccount Network, leading Dublin based game technologists recently announced their imminent launch of a mobile casino gaming solutions which should be available early next year.

Evolving with the growing trend, the company will have premium Class III slot machine games ready to download through Android and iOS applications. Appealing to growing demographic of young casino gamers, the organisation is excited and keen on their new venture.

Building suspense is non-disclosure of casino operator the software magnates have tied up with, held back by pending regulation approvals. The network will be working with a leading US casino to provide an innovative platform for international casino game players to indulge in come 2015.

Through the awaited software release, players will be allowed the opportunity to customise a gaming website suited to each individual player’s preferences. Registered users can design their own operations and gain instant access to favoured slot games, blackjack, roulette and much more. In addition players can opt to extend game play and be privy to selected VIP games, only to receive higher ratio of casino loyalty points than ever before.


Odds in Blackjack

Changing the Odds in Blackjack: Card Counting


It was surprising to read about a famous celebrity such as Ben Affleck choosing to count cards at a blackjack table. We would assume that someone like Affleck was more suited to playing poker. That is a game where his charisma, natural charm and lavish lifestyle would help him fit in with other high end players. However, he was recently tossed out of a casino for card counting while playing blackjack. What is card counting? How does it benefit players who are looking to get rich from gambling? Here are some details.Blackjack Card Counting

How Do You Card Count?

The science behind card counting is very simple. Even if you are playing with multiple decks, it is possible to vaguely predict the type of cards that will be dealt in the next few hands. For example, if the dealer has been churning out a lot of low numbered cards, logic dictates that more face cards will follow in the next few rounds.

Counting every card that has been played is very difficult, especially if three or four decks are involved in the game. As an alternative, players will try to keep track of how many high and low cards have been dealt. This is a typical card counting point system:

  • Numbered cards less than 7 are assigned one point.
  • High valued cards above 9 are given -1 points.
  • Cards in between those figures are 0 points.


This system allows a card counter to keep track of the score at all times, providing they are watching each card diligently. Now let us assume that a blackjack game has reached its tenth or eleventh hand. If the card counting points total is 4 or 5, that means a lot of low valued cards have already been dealt. This indicates to the player that high value cards will follow, which helps them determine their hit or stay strategy.

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Basics of Blackjack

The Basics of Blackjack: A Beginner’s Primer


Blackjack has been the most popular casino game for the past half-century, but sauntering up to one of the black jack tables in a casino can be a bit daunting for some newer players, particularly if they’ve only had experience using machines. Luckily, blackjack is one of the easiest card games to learn and it can be a lot of fun for players who know the basic ins and outs, which is what has led to its popular acceptance in virtually all gambling establishments. More information about the game’s colorful history can be found here. Aside from that, it’s got some of the best odds for winning, which makes it a great choice for people who aren’t familiar with other casino card games.

The Basics

You’ll be playing against the dealer, and the goal of blackjack is to simply beat the dealer’s hand. You’ll each have cards that are dealt to you and you determine your hand’s value by counting the numbers on the cards. If either you or the dealer goes over 21, then you lose, so you can win in one of two ways.

If both of you don’t go over the limit (called “busting”), then whoever has the highest total wins. AlternatBlackjack Basicsively, if you stick to a low number or just any number below 21 and the dealer busts by going over, then you win.

Cards 2 through 10 are simply worth what their number is, while the face cards are all valued at ten. Aces will count as either 11 or 1 (11 to begin with, but if you go over, then they’ll count for one).

Bets and Payouts

Betting on a blackjack game with a dealer is very straightforward. Winning will return the same amount of money. For example, you’ll bet 5 at the beginning of the game, and if you win, then you receive another $5.


Blackjack dealers will have to play based on their house’s rules, so he isn’t really even the one making the strategic decisions. The dealer will draw another card if his hand is 16 or below. If it is 17 through 21, then he will stay. This can change frequently based on the casino and based on if the dealer has an ace card, but the basic rules are generally the same. This is good info to know if you’re not sure what to expect.

Additional information about how to play blackjack successfully can be found here.


Winning In Blackjack: Skill or Luck?


BlackjackIf you visit casinos frequently, you’ll know that blackjack is among the most popular card games played across the world. Winning in the game is never easy, and even if you do win, there’s a chance that it’s not solely because of luck. Experts suggest that the outcome of a blackjack game depends on a mix of skill and probability.


Get better insight of the game

To win in the game, it is vital that you know how to handle your cards, and it is also important to have the right cards dealt to you. There are times when a newcomer without basic strategic knowledge seems to do much better in the game than a regular player. So what are the main factors, in addition to memory skills and hard work that determine your probability of winning the game?


Number of players

If you play with a large group of players, the cards dealt to you will be more random compared to when playing in a small group. That’s because of the constant shuffling and the separation between any two cards that you receive. This element significantly reduces the betting factor.


Number of decks used

If a higher number of decks are used in the game, there will be more high valued cards in the game. The probability of you getting a high value card will drop as the game progresses, but the initial dealings of the game will boost your chances of winning at a later stage.


Value of cards remaining in the deck

If the deck is predominantly left with low value card, your odds of winning the game will get lower. If the cards range between Tens and Kings, you have a higher chance of winning the game.


Although you can’t control the above factors, it is possible for you to be prepared and ensure that you follow the blackjack etiquette. As the age-old saying goes, “Chance favours the prepared mind.” If you develop excellent computational and observational capabilities for the game, it will be easy for you to win with even a little bit of luck.


Amaya gaming group

Amaya Gaming Group Buys PokerStars


Amaya Gaming GroupNews reports indicate that Amaya Gaming Group secured the rights to purchase Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars on June 13, 2014. Canadian gambling analysts say that the deal is worth around $4.9 billion. Amaya bought these world-famous gambling properties from the Oldham Group, an American company that has dealt over 100 billion black jack hands since 2000.

Amaya Gaming Group hopes that its blockbuster purchase allows the Canadian gambling industry to become a major player in international gambling. Amaya’s founder and CEO, David Baazov, expects that the online gaming market will grow from a $13 billion industry in 2013 to a $42 billion machine by 2018.

Details of the Deal

Amaya worked with executives from the Oldham Group for more than a year to finalize the multi-billion dollar deal. Oldham’s parent group, Rational Group Limited, has been attempting to enter the United States online gambling market for a number of years. After being met with legal problems, though, the firm decided to sell its two of its most recognizable properties to the Amaya Gaming Group.

Isai Scheinberg, the founder of Rational Group, was accused by the United States of bank fraud, illicit gambling, and money laundering in 2011. The Canadian resident sold PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to Amaya in an attempt to get those franchises back into operation on American soil.

Amaya Gaming’s Track Record

Although Amaya Gaming is located in Montreal; the company has built an excellent relationship with many state-level gambling regulators in the United States. For example, Amaya has played a significant in helping legalize online gambling in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. Amaya’s analysts and experts are also assisting congressmen in Texas, California, and New York with online gambling issues, too.

About Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is a digital card room that first opened in 2004. In terms of blackjack games, Full Tilt offers European black jack, double deck games, and micro limit black jack. The website’s most popular blackjack game is Atlantic City blackjack.


What A Big One!


Traveling to an actual casino can take hours if you live too far. Casino UK allows you to play in the comfort of your home from a computer, but what if you aren’t home? Your mobile phone is the next big casino ready to pay out big.

Online GamblingHow To Get It

Go to your Internet browser on your mobile and type in If you already have an account, log in with your username and password. You quickly access your last game or start another right on your phone. Alternatively, use your mobile phone with a scanning application. Scan Casino UK’s QR code to access you account instantly.

On The Road

Casino UK is accessible almost anywhere. Use your cellular data service to play on the road or use a nearby WiFi service to access the Internet at businesses or at home. You are always in touch with your favorite games with Casino UK.

Share With Friends

Playing casino games at home is often isolating. Casino UK’s unique mobile games allow you to play with friends after dinner, or even on a bathroom break. The user interface is simple, allowing you to download games fast without long waiting periods. Take in a game as you wait in line for a concert or theater outing. You can make big bucks!

Game Time

Casino UK offers all of your favorite games, including poker, blackjack and roulette. Access alternative game favorites, such as The Dark Knight or Thunderstruck II. All casino games are not just card games. With enhanced graphics and audio, your mobile phone turns into a fantasy world, but with real world payback.

Register your account today and browse all the games. With easy deposits and withdrawals, Casino UK works smoothly with your bank to transfer your winnings quickly. Go play at Casino UK and experience the gaming fun.

Blackjack tournament

Tournament Blackjack a Hot Trend Online and Off


Blackjack tournaments are a relatively new format. Usually, the brick-and-mortar casinos set the trends for the online casinos. In this instance, however, it is the online arena that has made the new trend, and blackjack tournaments can now be found at casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and throughout the world.

Online Tournaments

The excitement over tournaments online began with the poker scene. The online gambling companies soon realized that people really enjoyed the format and began finding ways to apply it to casinos games where it had never been a traditional aspect of play. Slots tournaments, for instance, have become a particularly big deal online, and other games include roulette, craps, baccarat and of course blackjack.Blackjack

The Tournament Allure

What is it about tournaments that people find so alluring? Well, for one, it caters to the casual gambling audience. The casual gambler has a limited bankroll and is more interested in maximizing his or her playtime and entertainment. Winning big is certainly an exciting possibility, but it is not the focus. The great thing about tournaments, usually, is that they require only a small investment, allow gamblers to play for an extended period and let them win far more than would otherwise be possible at that bet size.


Another reason that blackjack tournaments have gained in popularity is that they give the online casinos an affordable way to entice blackjack players. Due to the skill nature of the game, big bonuses do not make sense for the casino, but a casino can provide a new client with many free entries into blackjack tournaments, which gives the client great perceived value at very little cost to the online casino.

Brick-and-Mortar Tournaments

A major casino in London recently hosted its first ever blackjack tournament. Walk-ins paid £20 to sit down at one of many blackjack tables alongside fellow tournament participants. Each round, losers departed, and the tables were combined until just one player remained.

Perhaps what was most interesting was the strategy that began developing at the final table. Since all ties go to the house, the proper response to betting action by an opponent was not always clear. What was obvious is that there is certainly some depth to blackjack tournaments that few expected, and that depth may lead to this game becoming more than just a fad.


Seven Times the Blackjack Fun


Doc’s Network is the leading destination for free casino games of all kinds. Players do not need to feel burdened by financial pressures or the requirement of downloads and software installation. The gaming experience is still cutting-edge, and players can count on getting the most exciting online offerings available without all of the risk. The most popular of these sites being maintained by the Doc’s Network is the Golden Glow Casino. This 100 percent free site is made possible by Here, anyone can sharpen their casino skills before moving on to other gaming sites where the winnings deal with real money.Roulette

The primary draw for players to the Golden Glow Casino are the offerings made in the realm of Blackjack. However, they also offer Roulette and themed-slots as well. Players are always thrilled to find seven different Blackjack games that range from classic designs to rare offerings that present many interesting variations on this beloved game. Among the unusual Blackjack games that are available exclusively through the Golden Glow Casino are Pontoon and Progressive Blackjack.

Slot enthusiasts can also get in on classic games and multi-reel offerings that present a variety of themes for players to explore. There are a huge number of payout lines and the size of virtual jackpots range widely depending on the game that you play. Roulette games offered through the Golden Glow Casino can be played in both the European and American fashion as well. Bringing the excitement of live action in Vegas without all the risk is the primary concern of the developers working behind the Doc’s Network. Each players starts every game with the same virtual bank balance, evening the playing field for all players when they first enter gaming rooms. Players toping the charts in scores and virtual winnings are recorded in the online Hall of Fame. The competition runs high as players eagerly advance their game play in order to put their name into the online books. All of the classics in the casino world are available for players of all skill levels when you log on today at

Horse Track

Keeping Track of the Blur

From Olympians to the Knights of the Round Table

The wearing of colours or silks in the world of horse racing has a very long history. The sport of chariot racing was extremely popular with ancient cultures including the Greeks. It was one of the premiere equine sports of the Olympics for hundreds of years. However, it was the Romans that brought about the wearing of particular colours. The driver’s clothing helped to differentiate between the various teams allowing spectators to follow the progress of the competitors. In Medieval England those participating in jousts also wore distinct colours to inform the spectators of which knight was competing.

A British Tradition

In 1750 a group of influential horse racing enthusiasts formed The Jockey Club in London. Newmarket soon became their permanent home. The rules developed for the Newmarket venue quickly became a model for horse racing around the world. Following the example set by their ancestors, members of the club adopted specific colours in order to distinguish their horses from each other in competition. This tradition was later adopted by race tracks in other countries.horse_jockey

Dressing Up the Jockeys

Today, each owner has an individual cap and jacket pattern for their jockeys to wear. Lycra and nylon have replaced the traditional silk material the clothing was originally sewn from. The basic patterns of the early years have been replaced with intricate designs and a spectacular array of colours. Symbols that have special meaning, owner’s initials and stable names have all been used as options for silks. Sewing the clothing worn by jockeys has become a niche market for those in the racing industry. Owners of even just one race horse need to have several sets available, and those with large stables require apparel for each trainer they employ. Silks are often over-sized to accommodate a flak jacket that is worn underneath. Many companies offer silks made from a variety of materials including lighter weight fabric for hotter days and wind resistant material for cooler weather.

Even though the post position numbers are now placed on the saddle clothes, the pride of having their own silks is one that horse owners cherish. Racing fans easily recognise the colours of their favourites when a horse from that stable steps onto the track. Because the fast pace of most flat races can cause numbers and jackets to blur, punters can use the colour and design of the jockeys’ caps to keep track of their top picks during a race.

blackjack casino book

Blackjack Cinema Magick

When card games manifest in cinema, they are usually exclusive to a character’s or the plot’s development. Perhaps the character is an ace card player, a swindler or a mechanic. Hence, the popularity of cards is renewed by association with a fictitious person or scenario. Blackjack and poker continue to enjoy a higher profile in cinema than most other casino oriented games with the exception of roulette and craps, which have featured extensively in the series of films with super agent James Bond, the George Clooney and Brad Pitt starrer Ocean’s 11, and the like. Poker has been the unofficial star of The Cincinnati Kid with Steve McQueen and Rounders with Edward Norton and Matt Damon.

Casino's in the moviesBlackjack in the movies is common. It has been sensationalised in numerous films, one of the most recent being the Lawrence Fishburne vehicle 21 that is based on Ben Mezrich’s semi-novel titled Bringing Down The House. The book and film concern the much-hyped account of a team of crack student card players organised by a Blackjack-obsessed MIT mathematics professor named Micky Rosa. The film trims away much of the narrative and exclusively sets the story in Las Vegas and moves the time setting from the 1980s and 1990s to the 2000s. Rosa’s team operates — sometimes with disguises — in various casinos and at different tables via signals and earpieces to overwhelm the house odds and win big money at Blackjack by the strategy of card counting. Card counting is the practice of assigning positive or negative values to certain cards to deduce which cards are left in the dealer’s shoe. Card counting was employed by many experts over the decades till the casinos caught wind of it. Expectedly, the team’s successes are noted and eventually they are caught. Also different from the film is Rosa’s direct involvement in one situation. In the book, Rosa is a shadow entity who maintains an invisible profile and directs his students how, when and where to play. The film drums up artificial suspense to move the story along, while the book presents a slightly more realistic account.

Blackjack also featured in the fourth and worst installment of the Vacation comedy series that starred Chevy Chase. Chase’s Clark Griswold, the patriarchal Griswold and central character of the films, loses big time in Vegas Vacation through one reckless play after another. Griswold should know better than to heed the dealer’s onslaught of taunts, but he returns time and again in another vain attempt to best the dealer and the odds.