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Don’t be down in the dumps if you’re clueless when it comes to playing Blackjack! At Australian Blackjack we provide all our readers with the essentials of the game. We begin with basic information about the table layout so that they don’t look like complete novices when they sit down to play a game. We also supply the fundamental rules of the game, which are imperative to learn if you want to be a successful player. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games because these rules are fairly simple to understand, compared to other casino games. So master these and you’ll soon be playing like a pro!

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Blackjack has a long and fascinating history and we share this with our interested readers because the rules have changed significantly over the years and the game from the 1700s is vastly different to the one that’s played today. We delve into the different types of Blackjack that have arisen with the popularity of the internet and we illustrate that there’s a game suited to every type of player. We look specifically at Double Exposure, one of the most appealing and lucrative versions of the game that involve seeing both of the dealer’s cards. We also think that the way Blackjack got its name is pretty interesting and we share this little bit of insight on our web page.


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Of course no Blackjack website can claim to be an authority on the game without offering some basic strategies. We discuss common systems and look at the most famous (or infamous!) system of them all: card counting. Over the years there have been numerous books written about Blackjack and specifically about card counting and we analyse the most popular literature on the subject. Reading up on this successful system is imperative for players who want to play Blackjack to win.

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Card counting isn’t illegal, although most casinos will actively discourage it at their facilities. Proponents of the system argue that it’s a skill to master and they shouldn’t be forbidden from using their mathematical talent. Join our lively debate and let us know what your feelings are on the subject. Some of the game’s greatest scams go hand in hand with card counting and we look at the most successful and notorious cons in the history of Blackjack.

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